Facebook marketing has become a crucial part of digital marketing today. The majority of us have fallen victim to at least one of these Facebook blunders. While these modifications won’t necessarily make or break your business, they can help you increase total Facebook page interaction, keep loyal consumers, and position your small business for success with future clients.

1. You only talk about yourself

Because it appears to be free advertising, it may be tempting to send out as many promotional messages as possible. However, there is a significant disadvantage: decreased engagement. The more your ideal customers engage with your social content, the more likely they are to move further along the sales cycle and generate a return.

2. You don’t diversify social content on your page

While we all enjoy a good photo or meme, a company’s Facebook page need more to maintain significant interaction. Only sharing photos on a page gives a follower little motivation to convert. They also don’t take advantage of sharing content that can bring prospects deeper into the buying process toward a convert.

3. You don’t reply to messages

Followers and customers expect to be able to communicate with you via your Facebook page. Make a practice of treating Facebook messages like email enquiries, even if you don’t respond straight away.

If someone asks you a question, respond within 1-2 business days. It’s not just good social media manners; it’s good customer service.

4. You don’t share useful updates about your business

If you don’t share updates on Facebook, you’re missing out on a method to interact with your fans on a human level.

Make sure to update your followers when your business changes hours for impending holidays or hires a new mechanic or dental hygienist, for example.

5. You expect immediate results and give up when you don’t see any

Local search is similar to social media success. It takes time and effort to build and maintain.

You won’t get rapid results by spending on this form of marketing. However, in an era where customer service is the dividing line between successful and failed organizations, you will build a solid foundation of individuals and give a vital customer service form.


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Published On: October 6th, 2021 / Categories: Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy /

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