Facebook ads are an extremely adaptable and important element of digital marketing. Understanding how to make the most of such a versatile and expansive platform will enable you to reach practically any audience with ease. The customizability potential is unrivaled.


However, if you’re having trouble with the fundamentals, these solutions are useless. Even the most seasoned marketers have trouble with the Facebook Ads platform now and again, so have no fear. Today, we’ll go over our top seven Facebook Ads tips and tricks that will help you improve your campaigns, get better results, and increase your ROI.

1) Create multiple versions of your Facebook ads copy

Make many versions of the ad copy. Make a few headlines and body paragraphs that work well together. Each set should have a distinct principal message, target a different pain point, and be written in a distinctive style and tone. Experiment with structure by using bullet points, shorter sentences, and lengthier paragraphs.

2) You can’t overstate the power of video

Video allows us a great deal of creativity and pleasure. No medium gives you a better chance to convey a moving, captivating story than film. Do you know how many customers say “Nah!” when they see more than two lines of ad copy? But if you attract their attention with an entertaining video, you’ll be in a great position to deliver your message while keeping them engaged all the way through. Customers will be delighted.

3) Create a lookalike audience using high-value customers

Clients who are more valuable than others exist in every business, either because they are loyal or spend a lot of money. Create a custom audience of solely your highest-value customers using this information in your Facebook Ads plan. This can help you connect with those in your cold audience who are the most like your high-value clients. This is a fantastic way to gain experience.

4) Keep frequency low — and relevance high

Frequency is the average of how many times identical versions of your ad are seen by individual individuals. Keep your frequency to a maximum of three times each week. Any higher than that and your campaign can be jeopardized. Consider this: if a user has seen the same ad ten times and has yet to convert, it’s pretty improbable that they will.

5) Always prioritize mobile-first content

Check to see if your ad follows mobile best practices. This refers to vertical videos that may be seen in full-screen mode without needing to turn the phone. It’s seemingly insignificant details like this that can truly differentiate you from your competitors.

6) Know your audience – before you begin targeting

Creating a too niche audience can be detrimental. For what is effectively a generic campaign, you risk boosting your frequency score (which, as we saw in tip two, is less than ideal). Before you can define targeting criteria, you need to figure out who your audience is. Allowing the variety of possibilities accessible to you to distract you from your most essential criteria is a mistake.

7) Set a bid cap

If you’re on a limited budget, Facebook lets you set a bid cap. This method allows you to pay the lowest feasible price for each ad placement, allowing you to stretch your budget and avoid spending more money than you can afford. You can try out the lowest cost for a few days, see what kind of outcome you got in the auction, and then set a new standard based on that.


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Published On: October 6th, 2021 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy /

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